Flawless Company Service Offerings


We stock a wide variety of diamonds. Both round and fancy shapes, from D color to Z and fancy colors, we also stock all sizes, from 0.01 to 20 carats+. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality diamonds, and all of our inventory is either GIA or HRD certified. We are unique in that we have a wide range of precisely matched diamonds. Whatever your needs are, Flawless Company can provide the right diamonds for you. For more information regarding our inventory please contact us.


First and foremost, Flawless Company is committed to bringing our clients the most positive purchasing experience. This comes from not only providing the best quality diamonds, but from ensuring that all your needs are met. Whether you need a diamond shipped around the world, delivered the next day, or even source a particular cut/size Flawless Company makes your satisfaction our number one priority.


Flawless HK Company provides the opportunity for clients to borrow our offerings to make sure with their customers or colleagues that it is the absolute perfect diamond for their needs. We are confident in our products, and are intentional about building relationships with our clients so that in the future they can streamline the process even more. We are happy to assist clients with their more unique needs, from single stones to a variety of matching diamond pairs, required for any kind of jewelry. We want you to be as confident in our diamonds as we are.


We currently offer our inventory database online, simply request to sign up for an account, and we will get a verification request. Once you sign on you will have access to our unique online database, being able to search our current inventory by any characteristics you desire, from cut to color and more. We have also launched our database app, which is available for download in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This way we are enabling our clients to know what we have before even talking to us, and they can tell us what they want if they already know, and if they want assistance we are happy to help.